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Your contact numbers say a lot about you and your business, giving callers clues about how big you are, where you are based, and how keen you are to talk to them. As the telephone is often the first point of contact with new customers it is vital to choose numbers with the right associations. When people see your advert, letterhead or business card, make sure your number creates a positive impression.

Call Big Fish on 0800 849 5656 to speak to one of our consultants about number selection, or use this informative guide to help you make the right choices. Don't panic, we're nice people!

Number types and impression management
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Number types and impression management

Choosing the right number is an important part of impression management. Get it wrong and you risk losing customers to your competitors, and appearing less professional than the rest.

Need a memorable number? Gold numbers (numbers which are especially memorable and tend to feature repeated digit sequences) are always worth considering in situations where response will be maximised by having a number which 'sticks in peoples minds', and are available on all number types.

As all Big Fish numbers come with the same advanced features, choose whichever type best suits your business objectives.

The 08 numbers

The 08 numbers are classic 'first contact' numbers, designed to attract new business, create a solidly professional impression, maximise advertising response, and give a 'national presence'. While at first glance 0800 and 0845 numbers may appear expensive to run (as you pay for at least part of the in-coming call costs) they encourage potential customers to make that call, and ensure that you don't spoil a good ad with a bad number. Look on an 08 number as part of your advertising costs, justified by the increased response an 08 number tends to generate.

There are several sub-families of 08 numbers, each with their own tariffs and associations.


0800 numbers (or UK Freephone numbers) are free for potential customers to call from UK land lines, and enjoy widespread public recognition as 'freephone numbers'. They give the public the impression that you are confident, professional, and keen to do business, and in competitive advertising can give a business the edge. In short, 0800's are classic professional marketing numbers. Use them for business acquisition, then ween customers onto less expensive numbers if necessary. [ Get an 0800 number ]
0845 numbers (or UK Local Rate numbers) are also good marketing numbers, and it is widely recognised that calls to these numbers are charged at local rate. While not quite so keen as 0800 numbers, they are cheap to call, and like all 08 numbers, give the impression that you are a national player. [ Get an 0845 number ]
0870 numbers (or UK National Rate numbers) are perfect for applications like customer support, where a national presence is important but you don't want to subsidise the cost of incoming calls. They are not ideal for competitive marketing situations, but create the impression of a nationwide efficient operation. [ Get an 0870 number ]
0871 numbers (or UK National Euro numbers) are a relatively new range, usually costing 10p per minute to call. They are still recognisably 08 numbers (giving that national image) but are cheaper to buy than other 08 numbers and include free call forwarding to other land lines in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. As such, 0871 numbers are suitable for both personal and professional use and say 'call me wherever I am in the world, I want to talk to you'. [ Get an 0871 number ]

The 020-7 numbers

  020-7 numbers (central London numbers) give the impression that you do business from central London - universally recognised as one of the world's leading financial and cultural cities. If you are based abroad, one of these numbers can demonstrate your commitment to the UK market, but from a sales standpoint, they are 'less eager' than 08 numbers. One advantage is that 020-7 numbers can be reached reliably from overseas, whereas some non-UK telecom companies are unable to route calls to 08XX and 07XX numbers.

020-7 numbers are sophisticated and cosmopolitan ... 'we're based in the capital of Britain'. [ Get an 0207 number ]

The 07's

07's ('mobile numbers') look like mobile phone numbers, and are recognisably more expensive to call than 08's and 020-7's. As such, they are more suitable for contacting individuals than for sales use, although they make good 'field support' numbers for staff who are 'on call'. 07 numbers are free to set up and include a huge amount of free call-forwarding, making them perfect personal contact numbers, and ideal for trialing our advanced messaging services, including dmSwitchboard.
  070058 ('world office' or D-Rate numbers) include free set-up and free call forwarding to UK landlines, as well as many international landlines. [ Get an 070058 number ]
  070059 ('world mobile' or K-Rate numbers) include free set-up and free call forwarding to UK landlines, UK mobiles, and landlines in over 180 countries. [ Get an 070059 number ]

* See our "Free for Life" policy.

Special offer on additional numbers: Subscribe to any 0800, 0845 or 0870 number and you qualify for a special discount on as many additional 0800, 0845 or 0870 numbers as you want. This can be useful when you want extra numbers to manage and identify business traffic in specific ways.

  • No signup charge
  • £3 pcm paid annually
  • No free time, except on 0870 numbers (for which all call forwarding is free)
  • Gold number charges still apply for particularly memorable numbers

Feature notes

All numbers come with the same features, including ...

  • Flexible 'find-me' call-forwarding options (hunting)
  • Web based real-time controls and fully itemised call records
  • Telephone controls
  • Ability to slash roaming call costs, and provide virtual presence
  • Ability to add a personalised OutGoing Message (OGM) to voicemail
  • Ability to forward messages to any email address
  • And can be switched between voice, fax and dmSwitchboard numbers at any time (may entail tariff change)

Money back guarantee

Get connected with confidence. Because we want to ensure that every customer is a happy one, Tangerine offer a money-back guarantee on all new numbers, allowing you to test drive the service without making any lasting commitment. If you incur less than £5 call forwarding charges in the first 14 days, you can have 100% of your money back.

Free for life policy

When you sign up for an 07 (world office or world mobile) number, it's yours for as long as you want it, even for life (as long as you use it for at least 30 seconds a month).